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Payment with PayPal

We have very low registration prices although our Applications are high quality products.

To purchase our Applications you can pay:
- only 10, 20 or 30 Euros to register each Application separately,
- only 50 Euros to register ALL our Applications !

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  ALL of our Applications for only 50 Euros (special price) !
  or separately, for 10, 20 or 30 Euros:
3DMF Viewer 5.x
ASCII Viewer 8.x
CPU Speed Accelerator 8.x
Desktop Web Browser 7.x
Differences Examiner 7.x
File Monitor 8.x
File Properties Editor 7.x
Folder Backup 6.x
Font Viewer 10.x
Function Keys Mapper 8.x
Get File Path 8.x
Internet Connection Keeper 8.x
IP Address Menu 9.x
ITunes Current Song Menu 7.x
Joystick And Gamepad Tester 7.x
Keyboard And Mouse Recorder 8.x
Keyboard Spy Logger 7.x
Keystrokes Pronouncer 7.x
Linked Applications Launcher 7.x
Mouse Distance Measurer 8.x
Mouse Position Menu 7.x
Pixel Tester 8.x
Plain Text Editor 8.x
Screen Movie Recorder 7.x
Spelling Corrector 7.x
Startup Chime Stopper 7.x
Type And Creator Changer 9.x
Typewriter Keyboard 8.x
Web Page Translator 7.x
Wide Screen Movie Player 7.x
X To 3DMF Converter 7.x

2) Select the type of license you want to purchase:

Private / personal / hobbyist standard single user licence.
Professional / commercial / business single user licence.
Upgrade your registration code from any previous version to the current major version. (Option for users who already purchased a registration code in the past.)
 or  Contact us for company / team / site / university / education multi-users licenses and large number of licenses...

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